Friday, July 27, 2012


I lost you under a blue moon in december
And the inception of pain is all I can remember
You've forgotten what one is..

We were born before the beginning
Lost at the bitter end of our saga
If you're alpha, I'm omega

Put yourself first, believe me last
It echos to eternity and throughout our past
We've forgotten what love is..

You're the purest tone under a starlit sky
Left behind a noise in the dark of the night
I was wrong, you were right

Will not speak of it, for fear of implying separation
Bypass our conundrum, which was filled with tension
I've forgotten what one feels like..

Dallas Shea Poetry© 2012

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 {Be Bold, Move On}

Hard to hold positivity in the midst of negativity
Tough to ask questions amongst unintelligence

We settle at the bottom of the ocean floor
As they set sail upon Endeavor

Inner child, you have a voice - do you not?
May we hear it?

You've been in love before, or so you've thought
Maybe your still in love, though everyone claims your not

Time is of the essence
So silly how your past time is present

How will you move ahead whilst living in the past?
How can you let go, while holding on to what she last said?

To delay anymore would be foolish
As would waiting upon a star to wish

Be Bold, Move On

Dallas Shea Poetry 2010©

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Beautiful You Are

Never open up to nobody, never settle sorrow
Felt more than lonely lately, she could be gone by tomorrow

Force this thought upon myself, could it all be in my head?
Should I call out for Help! or the comfort of my bed

The way she up and leaves like we're nothing
The way I believe this may turn into 'something'

You seem to come around, set a temporary remedy on this wound I ever so vent
Though there be no way to separate this heart from the body it torments

You show up, say Hello, take off, come back and then your gone
Evince! this relationship is perseverating

A struggle in the heart, by a pair's distance apart
A heaviness on the chest with the pain of each breath

I felt this woe, whilst the moon blue settled in amongst the stars
As I bask in the nostalgia of what we once named ours

Now I realize I do need these eyes, to see how beautiful you are.

Dallas Shea Poetry 2010©

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Its too late for you to make me stay,
my bags are packed our minds been made

You'll be dearly missed ever so, don't get me wrong
But I've been trapped in these stonewalls for too long

Call it the next chapter, a new beginning, whatever you want
The truth is I can't wait no more, these walls are haunted

I will think back on you, hell I'll probably even cry for you
A million paths to choose and I'm screamed at to move

I've been space bound for far too long
Gravity pull me back down
These steps I've traced are played in songs
The mistakes I've made I'll leave at home

Dallas Shea Smith©

June '10

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You're Time

Short minded, forks in the road
Your race, Hare or the Toad?

Either path they make clear for you
Forget them and take your own

Happy as your minds made up to be
Or just as free as you want to believe

Look towards it anyway you need
Our castle in the clouds create upon positivity

The debt were in, the oil in the ocean
To the bombs "they" be exploding

Life gave you reason to be
While "men" keep us hoping

We have the power, our minds to short to notice
Pop cultures got your head in the abyss

So let bygones be bygones
Or your time will be missed

Dallas Shea Smith©

June '10

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainbows in the Distance

Troubled eyes, shoes are untied.
They won't catch me looking down.

Whether ill-fate or karma.
A mere painting in the clouds.

A settle disappointment,
As sun showers fall,
To a rainbow in the distance.

Many thoughts upon rock bottom.
Feet sore by treading ground.

Don't let our books knock off the shelf.
History in pages never to be found.

Eyes lie space and time,
As may have been missed in haste,
A rainbow in the distance.

In an orbit which circles the sun.
Naive to eyes inside the box.

Immense universe in drastic change.
Intertwined in such small thought.

Goodbye old soul,
Hello unknown,
Still be Rainbows in our distance.

Dallas Shea Smith©

June '10

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be Bold

We may learn through watchful eyes,
understand by listening lips.
But none more than our overcame fears,
there be bright sides to our mistakes.

Your first impression means much,
but your last impression says it all.
Don't stay to fill a void,
catch our ears, eyes, hearts and soul.

..Be Bold

Dallas Shea Smith©

May '10